Sunday, 10 September 2017

Changing prototype?

No, thanks, I'll stick to NSWGR transition era, but recently Brendan & I were the recipients of a collection from the estate of a friend of my parents. The collection was predominantly UK 00 scale, with a smattering of US HO, a few bits of pieces of NSW H0, and some tools etc. I'll hang on to the US items, and Brendan gets the Pommy stuff. Here are a couple posed on his layout.

A BR 0-6-0 # 2213 with a rake of private-owner four-wheelers. The Pommy stuff included Bachmann, Lima, Hornby, Wren, Triang, Airfix, & Ratio RTR & kits (built & unbuilt). Some of the Triang items are quite old, including those with the really deep flanges and split plastic wheel sets on steel stub-end axles. Of course, the back-to-back on these is a problem with the Peco Streamline points, and the flanges are so deep the run on the sleepers even on the Code 100 sections, never mind the odd bits of Code 75!

One of the "keepers" for me. Bachmann Spectrum GE 44 Tonner, decorated for New Haven. This one is a great low-speed runner. The other loco I'll keep is a Pemco B&O 0-4-0 saddle tank. It's a but of a rough runner, but hopefully it'll run in over time.

Brendan's layout will go on tour in a week or so. My employer is supporting the "Steptember" fund raiser for kids with cerebral palsy. While I'm not doing the 10,000 steps per day this year (did it in 2015), the layout will feature at a work "fun day" where everyone can donate a gold coin for a drive.

Cheers for now.

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