Saturday, 7 October 2017

One down, eight to go

At last, a post uploaded before midnight on the day of the activity!
I had a flying visit to Ben McCarthy's place this morning to drop off a couple of items I picked up for him at Liverpool - an Auscision 421 & 43. They had a great show special on all diesels.
Ben had some interesting pieces. I did my apprenticeship with Email-Westinghouse, so I couldn't resist this one!

The Liverpool purchases. Very smooth runners!
 After taking Alison's mum for an outing, I headed back to the garage to see if I could figure out how to put the first bench together square. It took a couple of hours of patient checking, clamping, drilling & screwing, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. This one spans 1676mm, stands 1200H and has clearance of 1130mm for the duck-under. The extra 50mm clearance, plus the relatively shallow 255mm depth, and the long span compared with Roy's duck-under means I can actually duck, rather than crawl. Quack!

It is quite rigid,  but I think I might add another horizontal brace near the bottom of the legs, just to take out some of their springiness. This is the section from the junction with the branch heading up into the Weddin Heights, while the main line drops down grade towards Parkes.
That's it for tonight!

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